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RIHENGLI concept: Implement professional ethics in products!
RIHENGLI Vision: We hope that the company will continue to develop healthily and develop for a long time!
RIHENGLI credit: The market economy is a credit economy, honesty is the foundation!
RIHENGLI pursues: "To create happiness for the country, for the enterprise, for the family"!
RIHENGLI shared: "One flower alone is not spring, and a hundred flowers bloom in spring!"
RIHENGLI mentality: face everything brave!
RIHENGLI Responsibility: From the society should serve the society and assume social responsibility!
Corporate value: Love your country and serve the country!
RIHENGLI management: follow the laws of nature, respect science, people-oriented!
RIHENGLI products: With the satisfaction of buying with confidence.
RIHENGLI service: Everything is done to professionals, and Hengli is very professional in solar power supply!
RIHENGLI rules: Compliance with laws and regulations, ethical!

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